The Top Three Girl Games Online

I've always been very much in love with paperdoll. It is better known as dress up game now where you can play online. You remember the last i played dress up game? I was so obsessed with it that i go on creating dollies for all my blogger friends. It was so obsessive but at the same time so much fun! There are so many dress up games available online now. It's hard to find one that is really good.

Today, I have a guest author, Lisa Park to talk to us about the top 3 dress up games online. I got to know her when she first commented in my Dress Up Game Post. We shared the same passion in dress up games and became friend. Unlike me, her passion has driven her to move forward and a step ahead by creating a website entirely dedicated to dress up games. Let's not waste anymore time, and welcome her to AGP, shall we! :) *applause*

When you head online to play a few rounds of dress up games, you have your choice of many different kinds of activities, but by far the favorites seem to be the characters we are most familiar with. In the case of fashion doll games, the most popular characters to dress up appear in Sue games, Bratz games and Barbie games.

Sue Games
In Avatar Star Sue games, or usually just Sue Games, the cute anime style character Se appears for both dress up and other styles of fashion games. You can give Sue an entirely new look including her clothing and make-up or just choose a new hairstyle that suits your current mood and what you think Sue might enjoy that day.

In many cases, when you have completed a new Sue game, you have the option of saving your completed creation as a avatar or image on your computer. You can use the pink little princess for any of your own purposes including your profiles on forums or other social networking websites. Even if you never save or print a doll you created during Sue games, you'll likely become addicted to the pint-sized online phenomenon.

Bratz Games
Bratz are easily one of the most popular fashion dolls both onscreen and off. Online, the Bratz dolls are easier to accessorize than ever before and girls are turning out in droves to enjoy their favorite characters on the internet with vast quantities of wardrobe choices and hairstyles available.

As with any doll, when you finish Bratz games, you have the option of using your creation for another purpose, but playing with dolls is so addicting that it's just as likely that you'll simply start a new round rather than treasuring a single fabulous outfit forever. The Bratz are known for their urban style and funky looks. Practicing putting these styles in Bratz games might even help you become a better dresser yourself.

Barbie Games
Before there were Sue games and Bratz games, there were Barbie games. Barbie is almost five decades old, but she's still going strong. Barbies still sell well in toy stores and you can find Barbie just as easily on many pages of the internet. Barbie games are among the most popular dress up games for younger girls, and it's easy to see why.

There are multitudes of fashion choices, many more than you'd ever be able to handle in your toy box. Dressing Barbie in the latest fashions is simple online and when you find an outfit you like, you always have the option to print our your online Barbie doll and use her as a paper doll during times you're offline. The more Barbie games you play online, the greater your fashion skills will grow and the more Barbie paper dolls you'll accumulate to go alongside your collection of true Barbie dolls.

~Lisa Park

Thank you, Lisa! :)

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Congratulations, Marzie! and thank you for your comments love! :)
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