Pink Template For Grab

As I was browsing for a new template for my other blog, Listen With Your Heart, i came across this lovely pink template from eblog templates. I fell in love with it immediately. But since I already have a pinkie at AGP, i don't want to have another pinkie at LWYH. This lovely template will be kept in my favorite folder, just in case if i intend to open another new blog in the future.

Right now, I am working on 're-branding' LWYH - still in the stage of changing its template.

I first started this blog to provide free graphics on bible quotes. But now, I wanted to make it more personal and informative. I will write about my spiritual life with God and other matters related to Him. As for the graphics, I will still continue with it.

You can 'follow LWYH' first to get the first update when I've done 're-branding' it. Just log into LWYH and click on the 'Follow This Blog' link. :)

[Update 15th Oct: I would like to give a shout to Jackie, from The Painted Veil for being the first to follow LWYH. Thank you, Jackie!! You've made my day!]

click here to view demo and download

Here's the pink template i fell in love with. Isn't she lovely? Simple & Sweet, rite! :)

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