Playing Games With Darling

Darling & I, we both love playing online games together. It can be anything from role playing game like Maple Story to card game like Blackjack in facebook. What I am gonna introduce to you guys today is one of our current addiction: Texas Hold'Em Poker. It is actually a game from facebook and it is superbly addictive.

I am sure all of us knows how to play poker right? But this is with a slight difference. Instead of getting 5 cards for each player, there will be only two private cards for each player. The first two players will have to place blind bets. Depending on the table you're in, the min bets is $25. After everyone gets their 2 private cards, they will have to place their bets. Then the dealer will deals 1st 3 community cards and place in the center of the table. Players will need to place their bets again. After that, the dealer will deal the 4th community card. Again, players will need to place their bets before the dealer deals the 5th community cards. You can make use any of these 5 cards to make the best hand. So, if you're confidence that you have the best hand, you can "Raise" the bets at this round, if not just "Call". After all bets have been called, all cards are shown and the computer will pick the winner.

During each placing of bets, you can "Call" to follow, "Check" to skip or "Fold" to stop playing that particular round. This game requires lots of guts and bluffing skill. Sometimes, we will "Raise" the bets or even "Show Hand" during the last round, even though' we have a lousy hand. Players will think that we might have the best hand since we look so confidence and they might "Fold". Great trick, right! ;)

Most of my friends are playing this game in facebook as well. So sometimes, we'll have the real Texas Hold'Em Poker on saturday nights. It was so much fun! :) If you want to play the real deal too but your friends are not around, you can try online casinos. It's pretty much the same! Have fun, k!:)

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Congratulations, Bobby! and thank you for your comment love! :)
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