Miss Y Is In The Mood For Christmas!

Hohoho!! Merry Christmas!! Hahaha, yea, i know it's only early November now but I just can't help myself from getting all excited at the thought of Christmas! Are you guys feeling the same way too? :) If not, let AGP infect you with this "Joyous Virus". Repeat after me, "Hohoho!! Merry Christmas!!" haha.. Now, you feel the excitement running through your vein already? :)

In conjunction wih the upcoming festive season, AGP is turning all snowy this month and the month to come until the end of this season. Here's a screenshot each before & after makeover.

[click thumbnail to enlarged]

I would like to take this opportunity to make an early wish to all my wonderful friends:
Marzie, Janice, Emila, Bobby, Adrian, Nick, LadyJava, Sandman, NafaSG, FL Sam, Karen, Trinity, Liza, Abby, Emmy, Ratu Syura, Jamilla, Sollee, Pia, Mr. Zubli, Bro Bokjae, Jackie, Shemah, Sabrina, Yoon See, Sushi, Rozella, ECL, Christine, Girlie, Roselle, Mommyallehs, Debbie, Edna, Nina, Vhiel, Metz, Kero, Marvic, Manggis, Bono, Haaziq - Bluecrystaldude, Bintang, TH, Nessa, Lee Chien, Marri, Nazarina, Colored Heart, Bobo, Kevin, Winston, Liza, Randy, Barrett, Melissa, Stephanie, Min Min, Jerry, Jo Choo, Nicole, Christy, DiamondsSaphire, Amber, Daniel, LadyBanana, Suzie, MT, Confessing7Girl, Jesse, Jay, Constructicle Boy, Suray, Keeyit, Sharon, Mika, Kenneth, Josephine, Adie, Abie, Bela, Carver, Christine, Em, Dyes, Genny, Girlie, Ice, Jeanne, Jenn, Kersyln, Lynn, Maiylah, Natalie, Julianna, Pretty, Roselle, Sandy Carlson, Tanabata, Yen, Farah, Jade, Agnes, Vannie, Sukku, Tammy, Levy, Liza, Cecile and Noni

Blessed Merry Christmas! And may God bless you & your family with abundant joy & blessings! *HUGZ*

Let's go around the blogosphere and spread the "Joyous Virus" to each others, shall we! "Hohoho!" May everyone have many happy & joyful days ahead! :)

p/s: Watch out for my christmas tree. I will take it out soon, i promise k! ;)

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Congratulations, Enchie! and thank you for your comments love! :)
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