When i first saw this fluffy bear from Mariuca 2nd Blogversary Contest, i got so excited. It was the most adorable fluffy brown bear i've ever seen! Maybe because he was wearing a cute "I Love Mariuca" tee and a mini blue muffler that simply stands for Wishing On A Star. There & then I make up my mind to join this contest. But I was a big fat procrastinator. I thought, "Why not i take my time & think up of a beautiful name for this fluffy bear?" Time flies when you are busy, I'd only realized I was over the deadline when Marzie announced the winner. Tho' I was devastated, I am happy that Roxy has won this fluffy Bear-iuca. Not wanting this sadness to have any space in my heart, I consoled myself by saying that i can still win this fluffy bear from MPG 2nd Bloversary Contest. When Bear-iuca visited AGP, i was so happy that it pushes my sadness out and replaced it with joy. Thank you for sharing the spirit of Bear-iuca with me, Roxy & Marzie! :)

And now, a day before my last chance to grab this fluffy bear home, here's my entry. I am gonna name this fluffy bear as 'bear-bear' and i hope to be able to win this for my second niece, Baby May. She is almost 8 months now and can utter a few of her own languages. She loves animals, I've seen her chasing (crawling) happily over Ariel. So, I am sure she's gonna love this bear-bear. :) Here's a snapshot of Baby May latest look. Aren't she adorable?

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Congratulations, Bono! and thank you for all your comments love!!! :)
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