Blog Makeover: My Precious Moments

Tadaa!!! Here's another makeover i've done. This was requested by Eva. At first, when I found out that she's using wordpress, I told her that I am not doing makeover for WP blog. Then she told me that she has just created a new blog at blogger and asked me to design a sweet template for her. "Yay!! A wew blog to work with!" I thought happily.
I really love this makeover coz it's all PINKY!! And I had so much fun doing this makeover for Eva. Thanks, Eva! Hope you'll like it! :)


If you want a makeover for your blog too, feel free to contact me. Remember, I am only doing makeover for blogger blogs! ;)

Tired of your old look? Get Jean to do a blog makeover!

Happy Tuesday, peeps! :)

First Commentator

Congratulations, marzie! and thank you for all your comments love!!! :)
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