My 27th Birthday

I had the most unforgettable birthday this year. It all started on 31st Jan night. On the 31st, I had to visit my uncle at Gombak with my families. And M have to visit his uncle at Kepong with his families. So, we were separated for the day. When we were to meet up at night, he has planned the birthday dinner for me. I wasn't expecting it. We had our scrumptious thai cuisine at Ahan Thai, Puchong together with M's brother: Marcus, his gf: Jen and my kai yeh (God Father).
Marcus & Jen bought me a cute little chocolate mousse cake with a huge strawberry on it. It was delicious! Thank you, you two! :)
After the dinner, the 5 of us went to Neway Karaoke, Subang. You know how people say time passes by quickly when you are having fun? It's true! It felt like as though we've sung for 2 hours only but in fact, we've sung for 4 hours already. Actually, i wanted to sing the indonesian song that i saw at MPG, but that night, i couldn't recall what's the song title nor the singer. Now, checking back, it was Cinta Kan Membawamu Kembali by Siti Nurhaliza. I shall sing this at my next karaoke session. :)

We headed for our breakfast at McDonald's after the karaoke session. And by the time we reached home, it was around 5am. The next morning, which is my birthday morning, M's mom called and asked me what i wanted for dinner. My future MIL & FIL will cook for me. Yay!! The feeling was great! As if you are the king of the day! :)

Again, the 5 of us gathered together. First we had lunch at Margaret's Yong Tow Foo, USJ14. The yong tow foo pieces were huge and yummy! Love it! :) I've forgotten to take the photos but will be sure to remember it next time i'm there.

Then, we went for bowling at Summit USJ. M & I are into bowling games lately, since few months back. And I even had my bowling gears as my birthday present. I'll show you my bowling gears some other time, k!

After the many bowling games, it was already time for dinner, so we headed to my future in law's. There, my beloved future MIL & FIL have cooked a scrumptious dinner made of love for me.
Thank you, Uncle & Auntie! I am so blessed to have both of you. Thank you, Mel & Steph for the cake! :)
The rest of the night was spent playing MJ and Blackjack. There, that's how i spend my birthday this year! Surrounded by peoples that i love! Thank you, Lord for all these wonderful peoples! :)

Before ending this post, i would also like to thank all my friends who has wished me at facebook. I am sorry for my late reply. I've only manage to check my facebook today. Love ya' all! :)

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Congratulations, Darren! and thank you for all your comments love!!! :)
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