Blog Makeover: It's A Dog's Life

When Sumuk came to me for a blog makeover two weeks ago, she said she needed a makeover in conjunction with her 1st Blogversary which will be on 31st March. At that time, I was about to complete Sweetytots makeover but on the list, there was another blog waiting for me. It would be impossible for me to finish both the blogs and Sumuk's blog on time. So, I told the blog owner whom is also my good old friend in the net, about the situation I was facing. She was so thoughtful to allowed me to go on with Sumuk's blog first. Thank you, Steph! kenyit

Sumuk was really patient with me because I've been amending her blog many times. One of the reason is that her monitor is wider and shorter than mine. So, we have differences in viewing the blog. Sometimes, the brightness of monitor could cause the differences too. I am so glad that at the end, Sumuk was happy with the makeover.
Thank you, Sumuk! It's really refreshing working on your request. Happy 1st Blogversary to 'It's A Dog's Life'! senyum


If you want a blog makeover for your blog too, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Tired of your old look? Get Jean to do a blog makeover!

Have a Terrific Tuesday, peeps! kiss

First Commentator
Congratulations, twinks! and thank you for all your comments love!!! :)
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