AGP : MARCH 2009 Top 5 Droppers

Another month has just passed and it's time again to announce AGP Top 5 Droppers for that particular month. It has always been my pleasure to present an award + 400ec to each of my droppers, and this month it is not excluded.

Congratulations to AGP Top 5 Droppers - March 2009!! Thank you, peeps for your continuous support! Please keep dropping, k! tepuktangan

And for the rest who has been dropping at AGP, I would like to thank you ALL too! AGP would not have been so cheery without you guys. Please enjoy a little linkies love from me. Thank you, peeps! love

Health News
Gossip Galore
Wiggys World
My Piece of Paradise
Sweet Nothings
Spiff, The Spaceman
Twinkletoe Writing Space
Life According To Me
Dunia soer
this is a miracle...
Not Your Average SuperGoddess
In My Kitchen
Hot Shit Form Here
Legal Cat-asthrope
Hot Celebs
Just Press Play

Have a wonderful Thursday! kenyit

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First Commentator

Congratulations, marzie! and thank you for all your comments love!!! :)
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