Smileys And Twitterbar

Good news, peeps! I have two goodies to share with you guys. First, I've found out how to put smileys in my post that works. love Secondly, I've found out about an awesome~licious Firefox add on that is extra~licious useful for us twitter users. Please allow me to elaborate further. senyum

Ever since i saw a smiley icon in a blogger post, i've been wanting to install it in my blog. But all this while, the scripts that i found doesn't work for me. Then today, as i was chatting with my lovely Twinks, i asked her how did she insert the smileys in her post. She gave me a link to a simple tutorial. It was awesome! angel In just 3 steps, i can now have smileys in my post! sengihnampakgigi But please bear in mind that it only works for Firefox users. So, if you want the same for your blog too, install it yourself here. kenyit (Thanks alot, twinks!! love cium )

Now about the awesome~licious Firefox Add-on that i was talking about is this Twitterbar. Just install this add-on within a minute and you can enjoy twittering from your address bar. Yes, it's really that simple! When i've installed this and saw how cool this was, I quickly thought of you guys. So come 'on, gatai let's get this Twitterbar Add-on in your Firefox! sengihnampakgigi

First Commentator

Congratulations, marzie! and thank you for all your comments love!!! :)
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