A Stylish Clutch That Works For You

I've changed my mind! You guys remember the pink laptop that I said I wanted for my birthday? I've decided not to have that one anymore. Not because I don't need a laptop, but I've got something even better in mind. Please allow me to introduce my new dream gadget to you guys, the new sleek and stylish HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition. So, what do you think, peeps? Isn't this better? love

It is said to be the world's first "digital clutch" that fuses technology and fashion to connect with fashionistas globally. I think it is a brilliant idea that a computer company has partnered with a globally renowned designer creation to create a notebook PC such as this! smile

She, i meant this HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition, made her first official appearance in a catwalk at Tokyo, Japan on November 25 2008. The peony-flower inspired design is a unique blend of Asian and Western cultures, antique and modern styles, technology and fashion. It is of cause inspired by Vivienne Tam's collection herself - Spring 09 collection.

At less than 1-inch thick and weighing just over 1 kg, you can comfortably carry this notebook PC around, just like your own clutch. Its 10.1 inch BrightView Infinity widescreen display (1,024 x 576 resolution) comes with flush glass and LED backlight, built-in webcam and microphone. Best of all, it comes with a highly acclaimed keyboard that is 92 percent the size of a standard notebook PC keyboard and also features a uniquely designed “double happiness” Enter key. Cool! I don't have to worry about my fingers being too big for the button. big smile

For more information on this beauty, please download the brochure from its official website. And if you're planning to give me a surprise, go ahead! It is estimated to be priced at around US$799 only. wink

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