New Coffee In Town

Hey, coffee lovers! Do you know that there is a new coffee in town? Well, It's not exactly new because we all know that Super has been in the market for quite some time. But recently, Super has come out with this ready-to-drink can packaging. Having to drink Super coffee before, I boldly grab a can from nearby convenient store. To my disappointment, the can Super coffee doesn't taste as good as the 3-in-1 packet. In my opinion, it is abit too flat and too sweet. I guessed my Nescafe Iced Latte is still the best among all the can coffee drinks! senyum

I love coffee! If i could get a nice cup of hot cappuccino every morning, i would be in heaven. I've only started to adore cappuccino during my visit to Bangkok 2 years back. There, I had a nice hot cappuccino every morning. It was absolutely amazing!

M has promised me to buy us a coffee machine. And I've just found out the right place to get it. It is at Coffee For Less. Convenient and Reliable, that's the two words that popped up in my mind when i came across this site. Excitedly, I browsed straight for my coffee machine even tho' there were lots of other products available. Within minutes, I think I've found the perfect one. senyumkenyit

It has a Pannarello Wand which is the easiest way to froth for cappuccino and steam your milk for latte; a hot water dispenser for hot chocolate, tea or Americanos and it has a scratch resistant black anodized steel for its housing. So cool, right? Oh, and the best of all is that Coffee For Less is giving out Free Shipping On Orders Over $50.


I better tell M about this now before they change their minds! See ya guys! jelir

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