Should I?

I am mad at my friend but am not sure if I have the right to be mad at her. She is a very close friend of mine and a friend that I wanted to grow old with. We used to go out for a drink once a week, but as our personal & work lives demanded more of our times, we spend lesser time together. However, every time we meet up, we would chat endlessly and it makes up for those months that we haven't been talking to each others.

This year, our relationship got abit tense. We haven't been seeing each others except for birthday celebrations, and it is like 4 months once. Despite that, I thought I still have a very special relationship with her.

Recently, I received an email from her after months of no-news from her. It's an update of her life: her new boyfriend and new job. If she has written this email just to me, I would be very happy. But there were about 8 recipients. She has emailed this to all our friends. It is just like another group discussion. I felt betrayed and hurt because I thought if there is any big changes in our lives, we would inform each others personally first. She could have insist on asking me out for a drink and update me about this, or perhaps email to me personally first. My thought of our special bonding was crushed.

I told my darling about this and he asked me to let it go. He said that when someone changes, you should just let it be. So if your friend do not put this friendship on HIGH, then you should do likewise. Do not expect anything in return! I hated what he said but I am not blaming him. His thinking is always very simple, and not complicated. Unlike me, I am more emotional and complicating.

A few days after receiving her email, we had a birthday gathering. We did not talk much to each others, mainly it was a group chit-chatting. I couldn't help myself from feeling betrayed and hurt. And a sense of awkwardness filled up the gap. I know that I could just let this feeling eats up our friendship but the question is Should I? Should I tell my friend what I am feeling inside and work my way in mending back our friendship? Or should I just let it be?

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Congratulations, Pia! and thank you for all your comments love!
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