BBQ on Darling's Birthday

Last saturday, July the 14th was my darling's birthday. We had a BBQ party at his home at night. It was a blast! We had chicken wings, sausages, chicken balls, squids, fish, sweet potatoes and my homemade coleslaw & mash potatoes. Delicious food plus great fellowship among my crazy friends makes a perfect saturday night! :)

Preparing the ingredients for BBQ

For marination of Squids and Fishes:
- Chilli Powder
- Kunyit Powder
- Finely chopped garlic
- Finely chopped shallots
- Salt to taste
- Curry leaves

For marination of Chicken Wings:
- Oyster Sauce
- Soy Sauce

Note: FYI, the above photos taken with camera phone only. I've lost my digital camera, remember? I've asked my friend who did took more pictures during the night to forward the pics to me when he has uploaded to his pc. *More pictures coming soon.* :)

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