Beauty Secrets Meme

My newly found blogger buddy, Liza wanted me to reveal some of my beauty secret by tagging me with this meme. So, Liza, here's my beauty secret:

My Foundation: Liquid foundation by Body Shop
My Blush: Expert Wear™ Blush Maybelline - Gentle Rose
My Lipstick: I don't use lipstick, only lipgloss.
My Essential Beauty Product: Gray Eyebrow Pencil
My favorite Make-up product: Lash Expansion® Waterproof Mascara Maybelline - Black
My Perfume: Salvatore Ferragamo Subtil
My Nails: Loreal
Three Products to bring on a deserted island: Sunblock, Lipbalm, Lotion
My Feet: Rosken
My hands: Rosken
Women I admire for their beauty: Elizabeth Hurley & Charlize Theron
Women with the best Sense of Style: Charlize Theron
My ultimate dream: To live my life stress-free!
My favorite fashion Publication: InStyle

They are gorgeous, aren't they? ^^

And now, I would like to tag the following five beauties to reveal their secrets: Ratu Syura, Janice, Sabrina, Jackie and Shemah.

On personal note, I would like to encourage all my readers and friends to use eco-friendly cosmetics. Read about it in The Green Guide: Readers rate lip and eye makeup. Read about the benefit of using eco-friendly cosmetics here. Or learn how to make your own eco-friendly cosmetics, click here.
I know sometimes it is hard to change our habits but if it's really bringing goodness to us and our environment, why not we make the first step?
In Malaysia, i know of one store that you can purchase these eco-friendly products. It is located in Bangsar. Please view the full address as below:

Aveda Store
Lot 2.5, Bangsar, Shpng Center, Jaln Maarof
Taman Bukit Bandaraya, Kuala Lumpur 59000
6 03-2284 6423

If you guys know of any store that sells or anything that we should know about eco-friendly cosmetics, do leave me a comment. With that information, it'll be easier for us to Go Green! :) My intention now is that after finishing my conventional products, i will turn to eco-friendly products. You guys with me anot? *wink wink* :)

p/s: to read about 10 ways how we can go green, click here.

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