Our Bedroom

Without our realization, it has been a year since we reside here, in our new home. I can still remember clearly the headaches we had when making the decisions on the house renovations, indoor lightings, lamps, home furnishings and decor. Everything is about good bargains and good stuffs. Who wouldn't want the best for their home and yet at the same time getting a good bargain? So, we went to all places looking for good cheap stuffs. When i said all places, i really meant EVERYWHERE. Just imagine this, we got our mattress and bed frame from Shah Alam, our sidetable from LDP Furniture Mall, our writing desk from Sungai Besi and our pillows, bolsters, comforters, bedsheet, bookshelf from IKEA. And that is only our bedroom! It was really a tedious experience and if i were to go through this again, i would choose to shop online from the comfort of my own home.

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Congratulations, TH! and thank you for your comments love!!! :)
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